As a songwriter, storyteller and classically trained pianist, Stacy has defined her own sound, leaning more towards The Beatles and Tom Waits than Tori Amos or Fiona Apple. From singing country bluegrass in Montana, to rock & roll in Boston and pretty much everything as the resident piano bar player at The Monkey Bar in NYC, Stacy has finally found a way to tell her own stories in One Way Home, her debut album. Pursuing an organic and classic feel, Stacy and producer Duane Lundy kept many of her first takes, capturing true sponteniety and honesty in ways today’s over-productin fails to do, even detuning the piano on some tracks. Backed by members of Lexington, Ky’s The Scourge of the Sea and The Apparitions, the album’s spacious arrangements sound faithful to one coherent band. The result is a modern classic.



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One Way Home is singer/songwriter Stacy Rock’s debut album. The classically trained pianist is quite the storyteller, utilizing elements of folk, country, vaudeville, and rock in the vein of Tom Waits or early eighties Bob Dylan to create a memorable backdrop for each song.

Most of us tend to think of Tori Amos when we hear “female singer/songwriter with a piano” but that couldn’t be more wrong in this case. If Tori Amos is an influence then I have completely missed it. While not necessarily sounding like them, Rock’s sound is more akin to the work of artists like Carole King or Carly Simon. Rock’s sound is not unique in a historical sense but is a refreshing change from today’s’ popular singer/songwriters.  Read More

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Stacy Rock will inevitably draw comparisons to Tori Amos in that both are talented female songwriters for whom piano is the central instrument to their music. But Stacy Rock tends more towards a lighter, more pop sound than Amos, and has a vocal character which is, fortunately, nothing like most artists (Sarah McLachlan, Chantal Kreviazuk, etc) who also fit into the “woman playing piano” category. Her voice has hints of Feist, Stevie Nicks, and Emmylou Harris to it–which is to say, her voice is her own, and she doesn’t really sound like any of the popular female vocalists. The musical style has hints of Ben Folds, Paul McCartney, and Tin-Pan Alley to it. Read More

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With a last name like Rock, Stacy was fated to be either a musician or the maker of a child’s nursery furniture. Carpentry’s loss is music’s gain. And while her style leans more towards country-pop than rock, it’s but a semantic quibble. By any name, Stacy’s music is a joy, tinged with the natural sultriness of lounge singers. Think Kim Bassinger in the Fabulous Baker Boys in today’s smoke-free New York lounges (and therefore minus the trademark smoky vocals resulting from years of imbibing and absorbing a cocktail of whisky and unfiltered cigarette/cigar smoke). Now combine that with a restrained Jewel-like vibrato. Double the talent and appeal and you’ll begin to know and appreciate this redhead’s CD. From the personal and engaging “You Boys Lie”, to the playful “The Human Court”, Stacy demonstrates an ease that belies her (judging by the back cover shot) young years.  Read More

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Gorgeous album!  Read More

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Stacy Rock has an astounding technical virtuosity and polish vocally and musically. And she’s gorgeous to boot. Imagine Fiona Apple’s work crossed with Tori Amos/Sarah McLaughlin vocals. Now imagine all of that music coming out of Famke Janssen. That’s Stacy Rock.

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“An unequivocally enchanting performance last week, Stacy’s melodic and uplifting keyboard arrangements combined with a stellar vocal delivery are the bedrocks of this most enjoyable artist. Her professionalism enhances her naturally charismatic performance style. ”

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Mature female alternative pop-rock is the main spice tossed into the mix on “One Way Home”. Delivered with gusto and a bouncy approach, the album is riddled with fun and entertaining pop twists and turns. Stacy Rock has an operatic voice that she often couples with dynamic harmonies that are as expansive and vast as her native Montana. Despite her roots her music certainly has the vibe of the seasoned New York City (where she currently resides) pop singer/songwriter. Excellent!